The Corruption of the Silver Marches

TCotSM - Episode 0 - Pinedale

The Story So Far

The Story So Far…

In the small town of Pinedale on the southern fringe of the Silver Marches, three bold adventurers find themselves taking shelter from the night in a small inn named The Sawman’s Blade.

Met with indifference by the few townsfolk they had so far met, the three brave travellers were forced together when the vile undead fell upon the town. Never one to miss an opportunity to do what needs to be done at the time it needs doing, the behooded Vachedai sprung into action, throwing himself out into the street and meeting the gruesome menace head on.

Before long, his Greatsword had struck down one of vile denizens of the grave and laid it out upon the floor. Soon, the scaley visage of Torinn could be seen in the doorway, bringing forth her mighty prowess in the arcane in support of Vachedai. Not so easily seen was the gnome, Bryn, creeping around the town’s central square where he then struck out with deadly accuracy.

Between the three of them, the threat was soon dealt with, but before celebration could be had the yelping of a young boy could be heard. Across the square from them another walking dead had backed the child into a corner and surely his death was all but inevitable…

…. surely inevitable, were it not for the speed of Bryn who was upon the undead creature within seconds, risking life and limb despite the odds. He distracted the creature long enough for Torinn to summon powers arcane with which to freeze the zombie solid. Soon enough, he was in pieces upon the floor and the child was saved.

The Inn Keeper, Jackmerion, invited them to take rest in the Sawman’s blade, which they accepted. As they walked back to the inn they couldn’t help but notice the villages small militia watching from their small barracks – they hadn’t helped at all. Cowardice had descended upon Pinedale, it would seem.

Jackmerion and the small boy told them of the relentless tide of the undead who stream northwards with increasing frequency. The small boy said he had heard that the undead would congregate at the Erlinger Tomb in the graveyard to the north of the town. Jackmerion lamented that it would be a fine thing were some heroic types to take a look and see if they could put an end to this tide of the undead…. but alas…

The following morning, the trio set out northwards from Pinedale. The road took them through northern forests and open fields until eventually they hit upon the graveyard which had the tomb set in the middle of it’s grounds carved from a solid piece of rock. Around the cemetery they could see a number of graves had been opened, but crucially opened from the ground, not from within. Unperturbed, they pushed on into the crypt which had large stone doors which had been smashed in. Above those doors was some very archaic writing and stone carved skull wearing an old crown.

Through many rooms they came upon more and more of these mindless creatures milling amongst the crypts of the many long deceased folk of the Erlinger family. Each more ornate than the last, and each smashed open. Eventually, they worked their way around to the oldest room in the crypt, many meters under ground. Here they found more undead, and a Ghoul sacking each grave with uncommon concentration. They made quick work of the undead, and despite Bryn learning a lesson on the difficulties of firing a bow in a dark and cramped space, soon had destroyed the ghoul. As an eerie silence fell upon the crypt the trio began investigating. Torinn found some innocuous looking playing cards, but could sense their magical worth and pocketed them. Vachedai found some gold and considered it fair payment for the work done that day. Bryn, however, looked deeper into the room whilst finding his failed arrows. There, he couldn’t help but notice the a small pendant, the shape of a skull wearing a cross, a symbol they had seen gracing the front of the crypt. Clearly worth a few gold pieces he pocketed it, and as soon as it was about his person Torinn noticed that magically, he disappeared for her – she could only see him visually. Very peculiar.
The trio returned to town, where Jackmerion was grateful for all they had done. After feeding them with hot dinners and offering them another night’s stay in the inn he had one more favour to ask…. would they mind checking in on his poor cousin Billious? He runs an inn further up the north road called The Rusty Mace. Jackmerion is very worried about Billious and would be grateful if they would check on him.

The following morning, they head out of Pinedale northwards again to seek out The Rusty Mace and find the fortune of Billous the Inn Keeper.


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